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 Traduction Anglaise:Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show

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MessageSujet: Traduction Anglaise:Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show   Mar 17 Avr 2007 - 18:33

Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show

Rella: I asked Jay in person, and he's now on the line with us here.

HeeBon: Jay, we thought you were in Japan, when did you come back to Korea?

Jay: Yeah, we got back two days ago...

Rella: Yeah..

Jay: Yeah, and we're doing gigs in Japan.

Rella: Ah~ Yes. Doesn't he have a gorgeous voice? I'd have been a movie star if I had that voice.

HeeBon: nah?

Jay: *laughs* Why are you being so weird?

Rella: Ag, what can I do, dude? We're on air!

Jay: Oh, yeah? Haha..

HeeBon: Since you're closer to HeeChul than anyone, HeeChul talked a lot about TRAX.

Jay: Ahh~ Really?

HeeBon: Really. HeeChul's mouth and my ears got completely worn out.

Jay: Ahahaha.

HeeBon: What's going on. [as in, why does HC talk so much about TRAX.]

Rella: Say hello to the Youngs [short for Young Street] family.

Jay: Yeah, hello, I'm Typhoon from TRAX. Nice to meet you.

Rella: Ahh, yes.

HeeBon: This is your first greeting in Youngs, right?

Rella: He sounds really calm and mature, very gentleman-like, which is right the opposite to the usual.
So different.

Jay: Oh~ HeeChul on air is also so different from his usual self.

Rella: *laughs* I'm not used to myself on air when I monitor myself, either.

Jay: Ahaha.

HeeBon: That's why I wanted to ask: I'm sure you know a lot about HeeChul

Jay: fowijgfwkjfjkw.

Rella: What?

Jay: I think I know him better than anyone else.

Rella: Oh, yes, that's right.

HeeBon: Ohh~ how would you define Kin HeeChul in one phrase? Kim HeeChul is xxx.

Jay: Kim HeeChul is... *thinks* um, well, he's a lot of things. First, he is all over the place.

Rella: *laugh*

Jay: ..Random,

HeeBon: Random?

Jay: Yeah, but his innocence is quite cute.

Rella: Aah~~

HeeBon: Ng? Cute?

Jay: His innocent, so he's cute.

Rella: Ah, yes. Thank you.

HeeBon: Mm. What it seems to me is that Jay is also innocent and shy.

Rella: Yeah.

Jay: Of course. We're friends.

Rella: We're friends. we said we're friends.

HeeBon: Ahaha~ you guys~

Rella: It's so cool to see you on a public occasion.

Jay: True.

Rella: Jay is.. when I was in a "Poets club", I lived on the PC every day. Guys like, Teuk from Super
Junior, X-Mas from TRAX and Yun-Hee, who's away filming, we wrote poems every day and stuff, and
Jay would be like "ugh, are you on PC again? Again?" And when I leave saying "I'm gonna go wash
myself" he would be like "ugh just get off the PC quicly" and when I come back, Jay would be on the PC,
going "Hey, this is fun~" And stuff.

Jay: *laugh* To be honest, it was fun.

Rella: It is, isn't it?

HeeBon: Ahh~ the online board is so crowded right now. Stuff like "Oh, JaeOong... Jay? JaeOong?
Aoong, Jay even CALLED~" and Lee GaHee said "*SQUEAL!!* JAY OPPA!! What's this? Jay, the boyfriend
has returned?"

Rella: Oh, yes, really. Jay, it's winter nowadays.. What are you up to?

Jay: Nowadays, I'm spending time all alone.

Rella: Aww, but still... We couldn't spend time together last year and this year. 'Cause he was in Japan..
Jay was so busy.. So, do you want to spend this year's with me?

Jay: This year's... winter?

Rella: Yes, this winter.

Jay: *immediately* No, not really...

Rella: Wahahaha~! Jay is being very honest, it's a virtu... Aah, I'm sweating. But, it took a long time for us
to be this close.

HeeBon: Mmm..

Jay: 'Cause HeeChul's personality is so.. unique.

Rella: He just couldn't understand my character. He would go "why are you like this?" constantly. Ne?
What did you think of me then? When Jay and I were put together in the dorm...

Jay: "Ah, I could, not, live with this guy."

Rella, HeeBon: *laughs*

Rella: Then, when did you start liking me?

Jay: First, when we started playing Star Craft... We got close...

HeeBon: Online games..

Jay: Ah! Actually, when we started sleeping together.

HeeBon: *giggles*

Rella: We slept together for a really long time,

Jay: 'Cause we would chat a lot...

Rella: But these days,

Jay: And I started to realise "Ah, this guy's like this..."

HeeBon: But Jay, talk to me as well.

Jay: Yeah, I'm glad to see you again.

Rella: But Jay, there's a real surprise here...

Jay: I actually wanted to talk to HeeBon.

HeeBon: You see? You see? Huh?

Rella: He just can't show his affection to someone he likes, my dear Jay... Jay, now, You know JungMo?

Jay: I know him.

HeeBon: Of course he knows JungMo!

Rella: Hold on! We can do a multi-line phone conversation with X-Mas - it's so awkward, X-Mas - with
X-Mas. Call him.

HeeBon: Really?

Rella: Call X-Mas. Yeah.

Jay: JungMo.

JungMo: Hello?

Rella: Oohhh~~!!

HeeBon: Oooh!!!! Cool, cool!

Jay: Wow, this is some kind of..

Rella: Multi-line conversation!

HeeBon: Wow~ JungMo kun!

Rella: Say hello~

JungMo: Yes,

Rella: it's been a long time

HeeBon: Hello. say hi to our Youngs family~

JungMo: Yes, hello. Yes, Hello, Young Street listeners. I'm X-Mas from The TRAX.

Rella: Ah, yes. It's Christmas soon... X-mas and Jay, say hi to each other. I wanna hear how awkward it
would be.

Jay: Yeah, Hello, it's been a while, Chris.

JungMo: Yeah, it's been about 30 minutes.

Rella, HeeBon:

Rella: I asked Jay and JungMo to please come on Youngs, and thank you so much. Let me first thank the two of you..

Jay: Yes, when we..

HeeBon: It's been a while... Yeah?

Jay: When we start our schedule in Korea, we will go to the studio in person...

Rella: Yes, in person..

I'm looking forward to it.

JungMo: Yeah. hehe.

Rella: Jay's husky yet soft low voice and JungMo can play piano so well, he's got absolute pitch!

HeeBon: I heard, I heard.

Rella: If a pen drops, he would go "Ah! SOL[G]! SOL!" ..well not to THAT extent, but still...

JungMo: *Laugh*

Rella: It would be great if you guys could do that. and HeeBon has a question.

HeeBon: Yes. You came back to Korea after a while.

Jay, JungMo: Yes.

HeeBon: Did he buy you guy nice food and stuff?

Jay: He, does that to me, at least.

Rella, HeeBon: "At least"... *laugh*

JungMo: As for me, it's been a very long time since he bought me a dinner..

HeeBon: There's no history of him buying you a dinner!

Rella: No, JungMo, JungMo~

JungMo: Yeah? *laugh*

Rella: It's me, hyung! This is live! You're making it difficult, if you carry on like that... Your fans are posting and seding stuff on the board and through SMSs...

JungMo: *giggle* Actually, HeeChul hyung...

*Jay's phone line gets cut and beeps*

HeeBon: Jay's line is out now..

Rella: Aw, he's mad 'cause I didn't buy him food. Jay, come back~ I'm sorry. I'll treat you to somehting nice later~ Heart!

JungMo: And me? and me~?

Yeah, JungMo kun as well.

Rella: Ok. They're both so young... We, JungMo!

JungMo: Yes?

Rella: We were romanticists.

HeeBon: He was a romanticist?

Rella: Yes, JungMo, Jay, KiBum... Us four were always dumped and used by the women.

HeeBon: Really?

JungMo: *laugh*

HeeBon: Is this true?

JungMo: That is, we did stay away from women. In our own way.

Rella, HeeBon: *laugh*

JungMo: So, we got together, just guys, to be honest, we were just not capable..

Rella: Yeah, that's it~ We were dumped daily. We were really faithful, that's the common character of the
four of us, and what I heard is, when a girl is with a faithful guy, she would move on to another one
because she feels secure, but the four of us still get together on Christmas...

HeeBon: My opinion is, because the four of you are so handsome,

JungMo: Aah...

HeeBon: I think the girls are avoiding to confess to you.

JungMo: Is that what it is, HeeChul hyung?

I don't know, yes, JungMo, Jay's left because he's mad, I'll buy him off with something yummy and
we will talk later again, thank you JungMo for your precious time...

HeeBon: It was very very nice.

JungMo: It was nice for me too.

Rella: Say your final greetings to me, Park HeeBon and the Youngs family.

JungMo: Yes, hello. it's been a while..

*Scorpio starts*

Rella: Oh, Scorpio!

JungMo: Yes, woh, what sound is this? *laugh* Ahh, yes. Please look out for cold, and 2005 is almost

Rella: Yes.

JungMo: Finish it off meaningfully, and please support HeeChul hyung, HeeBon, and TRAX.

Rella: Yes,thank you.

Thank you.

Rella: I hope to see you in Korea soon.

JungMo: Yes.

HeeBon: Yes, thank you for your call today~

JungMo: Yes.

Work-wise, go well and privately, I'll see you at home~

JungMo: *laugh*

ALL: Thank you~!

HeeBon: We'll play you..

Rella, Heebon: Scorpio.</p>

credit: chantwins and rose_ddalki,Followers of The Trax
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Date d'inscription : 27/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Traduction Anglaise:Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show   Mar 17 Avr 2007 - 22:18

Traduction française ?


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ coming to you . . .
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Nombre de messages : 541
Age : 28
Localisation : [dream]{angel}[musik]
Date d'inscription : 27/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Traduction Anglaise:Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show   Mer 18 Avr 2007 - 0:04

Encore la même chose... ici c'est que l'Anglais, le francais c'est pour plus tard, je savais pas que ca en génait l'Anglais mais vouala...bref après pour ceux qui veulent lool
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MessageSujet: Re: Traduction Anglaise:Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show   

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Traduction Anglaise:Jay and X-Mas on Cinderella's radio show
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