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 [trans] We R Trax (060925), traduc anglaise

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MessageSujet: [trans] We R Trax (060925), traduc anglaise   Mar 17 Avr 2007 - 19:29

CREDITS:yuki chou, paradox forum

Paradox perf. it was in the old time with Rose. the cameraman got addicted to Rose, and there was lots of him...

T: hello
X: hello
A: hello. The camera must show straight to me. If not, nuna will stare at you? (I think nuna is used to refer to his female fans)

Q: when others see you in the entertainment world, what do they do?
A: why the camera doesn’t come near me? Since our first album was released and our activities continued the atmosphere had changed. Generally everything changed. My face, my visual has changed a lot…
X: I joined a band since I was at school so my friends often see me onstage. When I first performed, my friends really didn’t pay any attention. I wasn’t “special” in school life, and I wasn’t nice, but my friends and I often went out to play, and we acted like kids. So when I started playing the guitar, many friends didn’t know, so when I first performed, they were kind of surprised.

Q: what kind of kid were you?
T: I was really normal. When I was small, I liked playing outside, playing games, playing with friends… I was so young so I didn’t have any interest in music stuff.
A: (he said something like an idiom, I don’t know) I was quite naughty.
X: I had some kind of rivals, so I tricked (and sososo). I liked showing other my music, so I sang something like trot to the old ladies too, and we became quite close. If there were something like party or village festival, I’d go…

Q: your handsome faces must have drawn attention at school…T: secondary school and high school, I studied in America, I didn’t seem to be popular there. I was busy with my English. I always see foreigners so the Asian people including me at that school didn’t gain much. And they only stared at me, I didn’t have much popularity.
X: to tell the truth, how come I didn’t have popularity… (the camera shows his ring, so cute!) friends liked me and I was in a band so why not. (he blahblahblah some more things about his school life). Some girls liked me, often I had 1 or 2 every year. (it’s not much huh?!)

Q: what was your favorite subject? (I don’t know why Attack got this question while the other 2 were answering the above question)
A: actually I couldn’t study (shocked!). I only played sports and music. (huh?!)

Q: how did you spend free time?A: I met friends and went out with them. I also read books (what?). I played games and baseball, this and that…

Q: do you have mini home page?A: mini home page? Am I having one? Of course. I didn’t like taking pictures so I don’t post my pictures.
T: I like it, but I don’t have good management. It’s long time since I last went there. I have blood type B, so if I’m focus on something, I’ll do it well. I made it just some times ago, bit now I don’t do that.
X: I go to my mini home page. I can’t manage it much. If you look into my page, I often write about music stuff, my school life. I like book so I write about my favorite books too. I posted my pictures there, and anyone who comes, please post some.

Liez MV, really cool

Q: about SM united (a football team that was supposed to have DongBang, SuJu, Trax and BoA)
T: I didn’t have any other choice, and maybe I wouldn’t play football there. DongBang friends too, playing with them, they’re like brothers. It’s just my case, other members like football…
A: I have number 32. I’m shadow striker. I’m able to play well, others can’t.
X: I like sports, so I had position in SM united too. Because of lacking people, I played on the left wing. I also attack on the left. It’s fun. I’m one of them, when playing football together there need to be some shouting. Because DongBang members and SuJu members were close friends before debuting, while playing football, they became closer. Men get closer while playing sports, so if it can continue, it’d be so interesting.

Q: the best footballer in SM united
X: to me, Xiah JunSu from DongBang likes football, and participates in for passion. The truth is, because of him, this team was able to form. He plays really well.

Q: do the members often talk about girls in daily lives?A: rarely. We talk about female entertainers. If there’s a really pretty girl getting on a car, I’d say that girl is pretty.
X: rarely. Because we can’t talk about girls, we also talk about our dream girls some times.
T: not much. If I was in a studio and someone came in, I’d say that person is pretty. Pretty and sexy, and cute… (blahblahblah~ I couldn’t make out what he was talking about!)

Q: which female entertainers did you like before debuting?T: before I went to America, I liked SES. Now that SES members are singing is really great. I liked SES a lot. The truth is I didn’t run after them, but once I went with my friends to the nearby village to see them.
A: Kim NamJoo.
X: I liked Yoon EunHye. So before she made a debut in acting, when she was in baby VOX, she was really pretty. Because I like prety and pure image, I liked Yoon EunHye. I like ones that are cute, pure, smart, and have good style. Honest people too. (was he describing his dream girl?)

Q: your dream girl would be…
T: I don’t put much about my dream girl. So if I have feeling for her, I’ll like her. Until now I’ve met some. If I see the girl I would have interest in, everything will be wrong (?)
A: big eyes, nice, smart, sexy, healthy (nice body), and an attractive girl. The road to a cute girl is far. (he realized the truth)

Q: at present, do you have some one in your mind?A: at present? No.
X: what a pity I haven’t got one.
T: can I say it truthfully? Yes, I have. Yes. I have to say no? the one who understand me. When hard time comes, I can lean on…

Q: until now, the most hurtful memory to your parents
A: parents… I’ve done lots of unfinished works… In the old day, since attending school, when going through puberty, I should have done lots of things but I played. And I won’t know how to show… I had an accident with auto bike. So my head was injured. I had to be hospitalized for 2 months, a big accident. Since then I don’t touch any auto bikes.
X: My family went through a hard time. We didn’t get any helping. I was so stubborn. I played music since very young, I only believed in one thing, I planed a plan so that I wouldn’t give up. While doing it, I shouted at my mother. To tell the truth, during that time, she didn’t take well care of me, and I replied like that… After saying those hurt words, she cried… However, my family went through hard time, but I was stubborn enough to continue playing music. At that time, I did have a thought why I couldn’t do what I liked. Now looking back, I can understand their feelings.
T: when I chose this work, my parents must be hurt. I immigrated to America with my brother. My mother and father stayed in korea. Until graduating from school, my parents could settle and moved to America. My parents felt uncomfortable for a long time back then, but moved there to live together like a family. I chose to do this job myself and went back to korea. I felt really sorry.

A letter to my parents
T: mother, father, it’s me, your son. Because of me, you’ve suffered a lot. Even now, you’re still worried about me. It’s really hard because of me. So your son must work really well and succeed. Mother, father, you’ve done lots of good things to me, told me lots of important words. They’re still good until now. I have to succeed, I have to render thank to you. I want you to be happy. I love you.

yeongeul kamssaana mv, end of show, no preview for next week
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Date d'inscription : 27/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: [trans] We R Trax (060925), traduc anglaise   Mar 17 Avr 2007 - 22:16

Traduction française ?


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ coming to you . . .
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Nombre de messages : 541
Age : 28
Localisation : [dream]{angel}[musik]
Date d'inscription : 27/12/2006

MessageSujet: Re: [trans] We R Trax (060925), traduc anglaise   Mer 18 Avr 2007 - 0:05

POur la centième fois...ici c'est que l'Anglais, le francais c'est pour plus tard, je savais pas que ca en génait l'Anglais mais vouala...bref après pour ceux qui veulent lool
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MessageSujet: Re: [trans] We R Trax (060925), traduc anglaise   

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[trans] We R Trax (060925), traduc anglaise
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